Friday, March 21, 2014

Marching On....

Sorry it's been awhile since we last posted, but with snow days and makeup's been a little hectic around here!  I thought I'd share in pictures what we've been up to!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

100th Day, Groundhogs, and More!

Our 100th Day was a lot of fun!  Check out the pics below on some of the things we did during the day, including special math centers and things we estimated and then tested what we could do in 100 seconds!

  Later in the week, we were able to use some of the leftover marshmallows and cereal to help us with our place value!  Kids enjoy this math snack treat and it really helped them see the concepts of ones, tens, and hundreds! 

Don't forget!  Our Famous American projects are due THIS Monday, the 17th!  

Friday, January 31, 2014

Winter Weather!

Oh my goodness - what a short week!

Still, we managed to fit a lot into our three days!

Monday, we reviewed what we have learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, we reviewed erosion (that we had learned the week before) with an experiment with water and wind erosion:

Friday, we were able to go on with our plants part of our unit and look inside a seed as well as create a plant and label its parts!  We also learned about Groundhog Day and good ol' Phil and his predictions!

Obviously, all of our plans have shifted and we'll be doing our math test on Monday and our Plant/Erosion test will be early the following week.  Our 100th day has also shifted (as of now) to Wednesday the 5th.

Here's to the groundhog NOT seeing his shadow this Sunday!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Week Back!

Thanks to the weather, we had our first week back to school cut short with delays and closings.  I worry about what more old man winter will bring our way!

We still had time to talk about the new calendar year and resolutions, and students completed a cute craftivity about their goals! 

We had fun this past week, even though it rained, by getting up and getting active with "Just Dance" videos!

We started our unit on Plants and Erosion this past week.  Study guides will be home in the Fox Folders on Tuesday.  Already, we have studied the effects of erosion on rocks and soil.  This week, we'll continue with an experiment on erosion and learn about what plants give us (products) and the plant life cycle.  Our test will be next week on this unit, and then we will begin our Polar Unit!

Also, I wanted to share photos of Penguin Day, which happened back in December.  Students had a great time going around to each station, and I'm sure you've heard all about it! :)